Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel Interview

Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel Interview

Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More.. #SVDJ @mrpeterparker @fattrel


November 21st, 2013



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  460. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

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  462. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

  463. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

  464. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

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  466. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

  467. Mr Peter Parker and Fat Trel talk about MMG Deal, First Thing Rick Ross Told Him, Jay-Z and More | ShadyvilleDJs.com

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